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Terry's Fishing Charters

Prince Rupert, BC, Canada

British Columbia Salmon Fishing Charter Service

Providers of guaranteed successful fishing charters, whale watching tours, 
and custom made marine charter tour packages in the 
Prince Rupert area of British Columbia, Canada.


Whale Watching Charter Tours and Prices

Our sightseeing success is combined with the respect we have for nature.  We adhere strictly to the guidelines set out for wildlife viewing, and at all times leave nature undisturbed.

There are many creatures to view on a day out on an Orca sightseeing tour, and should we not see whales on that particular day, you will go away with a day to remember and an experience with the sea and nature you will not soon forget.

Killer Whale Facts

Their Scientific Name: Orcinus orca. 

They are  largest of the dolphin family.  Their name Killer Whale, stems from observations of orcas attacking seals and seabirds, aboriginal legends describe the orca as a sea monster. 

Where they are found: Orcas can be found in all the world’s oceans, but are most common in the waters off the Pacific Coast of North America, Antarctica, northern Japan, Iceland and Norway. 

How many are there? No accurate world population is known for orcas. Off the B.C. coast, it is estimated that there are 300 residents and 200 transients.

How long do they live:    Females live about 50 years and males about 29 years.

Description Limit Price
Half Day  6 Hours  6 Persons ask for current price
Full Day 10 Hours  6 Persons $1800.00
Overnight 4  Persons $1800 per day

Contact Information

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